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A subaquatic twist on The Zone Rpg, where you explore a myserious deep see city that should not exist, your oxygen at the mercy of a strange force. 

2-5 players | ~3 hours | Entirely in your browser

 (1) Create a new game of The Zone here
 (2) Paste the url for this mod into the "Load Mod" 
 (3) And you're good to go!


Curious about the process of making your own? Check out the livestream here


We’ve known for a long time that the ocean could still surprise us. Our technology has mapped barely 20% of its depths. Human eyes have seen even less.

So we shouldn’t have been surprised when DRONE 41 found something new at a halocline our ocean modeling couldn’t explain. We just didn’t expect it to be an entire submerged city. A modern metropolos. Could be St Louis or New York City of today, or perhaps tomorrow. That’s impossible. Yet it’s there.

At 1000ft the bathymetric pressure should crush human divers, but there's a boundary where the pressure drops from 45 to 3 atmospheres, enough that we think we can send an adequately equipped team to investigate. You.

Every reading we’re getting from our AUVs is completely anomalous. Electromagnetic bursts, fluctuating radiation levels. We’re affectionally calling this entire area “The Maelstrom”, because a strong spiral current seems to dragging everything towards its center. That’s where we need you to go. We think there’s some kind of energy source, possibly intelligent. We’ve all been having the strangest dreams.

You’ll hitch a ride on our newest H.O.V., Orpheus, which will descend to just outside the boundary and wait for you. Your nitrox mix _should_ give you 2 hours of dive time. I say ”should” because simulations show oxygen lasting anywhere from 10 minutes to weeks. No known physics explains this That’s why you’re going to check it out.

Down there you’ll have no trouble communicating with each other, we hope, thanks to a local radio system in your suits. We won’t be able to reach you at all.

I won’t lie to you—nothing we’ve sent in has yet returned. You have been chosen because we know your life hasn’t been ideal so far. We need volunteers who have quite the opposite of attachments. If I weren’t a person of reason, I’d have to believe that you were drawn here to this task by some force, so perfectly /imperfect/ are your psychological profiles.

Make us proud. Tell us what you find in the deep.

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